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Bentong Ginger Powder - 450g

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Bentong Ginger Powder - 450g Ginger Powder Series Bentong Ginger Powder - 450g Ginger Powder Series Bentong Ginger Powder - 450g Ginger Powder Series
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10 Health Effects of Bentong Ginger:

1. Improve constitution
  • Eradicate í«chillí» and í«windsí», improve blood and qi, warm the kidney, improve constipation, prevent edema and high uric acid level, stabilize cholesterol level, maintain blood pressure, lower the risk of stroke and heart attack.
2. Improve sleep quality
  • Prevent and treat insomnia and neurasthenia, relieve fatigue, relax tendons and promote blood circulation.
3. Rheumatism & arthritis
  • Improve and mitigate swollen, hot and painful joints.
4. Whole body ache
  • Alleviate muscle soreness, joint pain, numbness in extremities and backache.
5. Foot problems
  • Prevent/treat and deodorize athleteí»s foot, foot odor, blisters and itching.
6. Respiratory system
  • Improve chronic bronchitis, coughing, nose allergy, emphysema and asthma.
7. Immune system
  • Elevate metabolism, boost the immune system and memory, provide energy throughout the day, prevent hypertension and diabetes.
8. Beauty care & slimming
  • Expel body toxins, control and reduce body weight, moisturize deep into the skin and lighten pigmentations, freckles, liver spots etc.
9. Anti-aging
  • Uplift regenerative power of cells, retard aging, expedite wound healing, lift the skin.
10. Godsend for both sexes
  • Regulate female hormone secretion to improve menstrual discomfort, improve sexual prowess of both sexes, promote a blissful marriage life.
Health tips:

* People with liver problems should not take ginger powder. They must consult the doctor before taking.
* Drink it on an empty stomach and take breakfast 2 hours later. Drink it with honey in the afternoon for better health effects.
* It is better to drink ginger powder for 50 days and then stop for 10 days. Then drink it for 30 days and stop for another 10 days.
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